Blog #1

My name is Nicole Rogers. I’m married to Brian and we have 3 daughters, Danielle (15), Katie (13) and Amy (8).

I work full time in Practical Nursing at VCC. I’ve been a nurse for 20 years and I’ve been teaching for 16 of those years. I’ve taught at a variety of schools, from the University of Toronto to private colleges and on two different occassions at VCC. (VCC is by far my favorite of all the places I have taught).

I have a BScN from UBC, a MSc in Nursing from the University of Toronto and the Provincial Instructors Diploma from VCC.

A lot of the work I do in the Faculty of Nursing is teaching on-line or developing on-line courses. For the most part, I have been learning as I go with a lot of support from dlsupport at VCC. In the spring I took a course called “Instructional Skills Workshop for On-line Design” which added some tools to my course development tool box.

School of Instructor Education – Facebook Page

Certificate in On-line/e-learning Web Page

Commonwealth of Learning


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