Useful/Interesting Resources

For an in-depth overview of iThoughts, click the link below.

Jing captures anything you see on your computer screen, as an image or short video, and lets you share it instantly.

LectureScribe is a simple and free whiteboard recording program that lets you record your pen strokes and your lecture simultaneously. It was developed by Brian C. Dean at Clemson University. It is a very simple tool ideal for online beginners, whether teachers or students. Lectures developed with LectureScribe can be downloaded to a website or your online course.

The following website describes LectureScribe in detail and provide the link to be able to install it.


Quizlet is a great learning tools as Education widgets on Wikispaces: Quizlet lets you and your students create fun and engaging study materials and  quizzes. It ‘s simple and  let your student turn what they are learning in the classroom into fun study materials, quizzes, and games.

For more information, click below link.

We Achieve is an online tool that enables an instructor to pose a question and capture participants’ responses. Participants can see responses, vote on paired answers, and the most highly voted answers appear at the top of the list. Throughout the process, participants are engaged and are learning from one another. As the instructor, you can assess through responses what participants are getting out of a course and where confusion may lie.



Important Ideas to Carry Forward

  1. instructor presence
  2. video introductions
  3. discussion forums
  4. don’t overload students with assignments/learning activities – consider the amount of time it takes to do each assignment and for the instructor to mark
  5. use clear rubrics for marking
  6. Q&A forum
  7. variety of learning activities
  8. educreations
  9. brainshark
  10. crosswords and other games
  11. address potential barriers to online learning
  12. keep course looking organized and easy to navigate
  13. keep quality guidelines in mind
  14. consider a combination of individual and group assignments
  15. ??team building assignment at beginning of course??
  16. definitely include an introduction forum post to get to know students and let them get to know one another.
  17. case studies for pharmacology and health promotion – work on in a pair, group or individually
  18. utilize online resources. Have students refer to specific resources to answer questions, etc… Make these as relevant as possible – something that they may need to refer to once they graduate as nurses.